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Olimpia Multimanagement Consultancy

OLIMPIA is a modest company, owned by the González Hernández family. We started off in 2003 managing and promoting the apartments in the “OLIMPIA – Los Vascos” building.

Vista de Madrid

At that time, the essential goal of the company was to preserve and increase the value of our family heritage: the real state where the building was built.

To achieve this we had to make the best use of our professional experience in the transforming building sector and test it to its limits. The original idea was simply to build a rental apartment block which, in time, would repay for itself, playing on a potential but secure, if minimal, market in the area: university student accommodation.

But from 2007 the sudden economic stagnation and subsequent downturn compromised our consolidation just when our original initiative was at an advanced stage, slowing it down considerably. Despite this, we managed to fulfill our expectations.

During 2013, despite the still weak economic situation, we have evolved into a second stage of consolidation, specially motivated by factors like the foreseeable midterm economic recovery, our extra added experience, the new market opportunities and the direct positive demands we have received.

On top of our renewed efforts to push our property rental business, we have decided to launch a new service to assist and support our clients with our multidisciplinary experience and professional practice in the sector.

To anybody who may be interested, we now offer consultancy and management services in a wide range of specialized fields like:

  • Estate, sites, buildings, commercial spaces buy-sell and rental agreements
  • Real estate development (including permits, licenses, building project and contracts)
  • Interior decoration and design
  • Refurbishing
  • Demolition
  • Real estate amnesty
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Geotechnical reports and treatment
  • Structural calculations
  • Mixing and applying bituminous mixtures
  • Legal assistance
  • Website design and development
  • Other services, please contact us

If you think you may be interested in any of the services listed above, please do call us and make an appointment.

We really appreciate and welcome your custom. Thank you and kind regards.